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Three ways to make money online that are legit

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Blog, Money

More and more, your job or businesses are online. Maybe one day it will be ONLY online.
Online income definitely does not have to be shady.

Here are a few legitimate ways to make money online that are not only legit, but valuable.

#1. You have a regular real world service you provide in person, and you use online marketing to tell people about it. This is great when you have a local business like a restaurant or if you’re a dentist. Online marketing can boost your business by getting people to know, like and trust you faster, and give them a reason to book with you now.

Your first step would be to look at what others are doing online in your space. Just google a few search times that you expect people are using to find you. If you see the word AD, you know they paid for that listing on google. Everything else is being served up by Google as being a good fit. Online marketing is the combination of having a website with the right search terms on it so you come up on google + possibly paying to have a specific listing or offer come up at the top of the page for a particular search term. And then beyond google, possibly using other platforms like Facebook to put your services and offers in front of the right people in a way they will be interested in seeing.

#2. You have a product or service you sell online, like jewelry or proofreading. You might not have a store at all, just your online presence. Therefore your online business must not only create interest, like the restaurant or the dentist, you’ve got to give someone the entire buying experience online.

Whereas the first situation may just require an ad, now you need the ability to purchase, as well as more content that answers objections and questions. SO you’re likely looking at also having a website in addition to a campaign.

#3. You sell someone else’s product or service like leggings or candles. This is ‘easier’ because you’re not creating both the product AND the marketing. You’ll use the creator’s existing ads or words, which have been proven to work, as well as adding your own. But you’ll still need to market and have ads and content that get people interested just like in #1 and #2. And when you sell, you get a smaller portion of the sale to keep.  Reputable sales situations don’t require you to buy products yourself, so just read carefully before signing onto any sales program.

Want to build your online marketing skills?

Selling someone else’s product that already has a good marketing program is a good way to start.

Shall we pick one to do together?