Give your unfinished projects a happy ending

Do you have some projects in your life that never seem like they end, even when they should? Learn how to give them a happy ending this week.

We’re building our Projects Calendar, the things we want to do over the next 12 months that are projects. Start by getting the Projects Checklist at

This week we’re going to start our projects calendar with something a little counter-intuitive. We’re going to talk about endings, ending projects.

The kind of projects you might need to end might include craft projects that you started but didn’t finish like the gorgeous dollhouse that my mom and I started a million years ago.  I finally decided ‘we’re done with this project.’ The kids don’t even want to work on it. We can let it go.

Or it might be letting go of an era of your life.

It might be letting go of some clothes in your life.

It might be just deciding that you’ve done enough of that particular thing in your life and it’s time to just move on.

So this week the tool I have for you in Calendaring Happiness, this exercise is the Happy Endings Project.  We’re going to end some of the things that need to get out of your calendar so that we can make space for some new things in your life.


I’m sitting here on this ladder because my wonderful handyman Ramon, who does an amazing job of helping to restore this wonderful old house, has one habit when it comes to projects that drives me crazy. Just like leaving a sweater at a boyfriend’s, thinking this gives you a reason to go back and visit, he always leaves some gear.

So I’m sitting here on this ladder of his.

One of the ways that we can kind of fool ourselves into not having very clean endings is when we leave all these little debris behind.

So I want you to think about how you’re going to get a clean happy ending and not leave the debris behind so that you can feel really good about the projects you’ve done.

Even if they’re only partway through, we’re going to give them a happy ending and move them out of our lives so we can think about next week all the wonderful things we want to bring into our life. The Projects Checklist includes a place to organize a list of all your projects and is a good way to get started.

Get it here:

Next week we’ll be working on building your Body of Work. Doesn’t that sound impressive?  I hope that you’ll join me next week and I wish you a wonderful week of Calendaring Happiness.

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