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The easiest New Year’s Health resolution

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Blog, Health

This week, create happiness through your HEALTH…

with what you EAT!

Every year I make a resolution that is not about doing something ‘harder’ but about doing something ‘smarter.’ For my HEALTH I have lots of ideas, and some of them hard. But the one I pick as a resolution is one I know I’ll enjoy –  healthy new recipes. It’s a comfort and a health boost all at the same time.


Last year it was salads, and I made a bunch of recipes from the William Sonoma 365 Salads Cookbook.

Click on the image to learn more. This will take you to Amazon.


My favorite was from summer – a beet salad over arugula topped with creme fraiche, goat cheese, olive oil and shallots. It was so fancy! Bright green, pink and white, and it tasted amazing. That’s the fun of picking some new things to try. You discover new things that make you happy.






Click on the image to learn more. This will take you to Amazon.

We even got a veggie spiralizer to make the ‘noodles’ shown on the cover.

These were actually excellent!  Great with pasta sauce.

There are a lot of spiralizers out there and I think they all probably work great for under $25.  I really enjoyed the Wonder Veg (how cute is that?) I bought. They sent me a video tutorial of how to work with hard veggies and sent recipes after I purchased on Amazon. They were clearly so INTO this gadget, that it got me more enthusiastic too.

This year, it would make me happy to become a VEGETABLE QUEEN and master a bunch of new ways to healthfully cook veggies.

How about you? 

If you’re more spontaneous, you could just look for ways to try new healthy foods today and this week – no calendar needed.  When given a choice, just choose a healthy thing you’ve never tried before. Fun!

When this week’s prompt came up, it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I decided to go out to eat at a restaurant run by diverse owners and give them encouragement about their business.  No planning required!

Here’s a prototype of the Calendaring Happiness weekly page. This week’s health prompt is at the top. You can do this with any calendar that has space, just respond to the prompt.


If you’re a planner, you might like to see how I’m using the Layer Method to spread a layer of healthy eating into my calendar for a month or a year.

Here’s how I’m calendaring it in.

  1. I book myself a ‘Calendar and Coffee’ break to create a New Healthy Foods Calendar. I CALENDAR CALENDARING. For me, Calendaring is a fun way to daydream and be productive at the same time. To create this calendar, I know I’ll need to be in a place with access to my cookbooks, and about 20 min. I get out the cookbooks and pick my favorites, along with some dates.

I take pictures of the recipes – I have already purchased the book – so I can keep the ingredients list handy in my phone for the grocery store.  I love seasonal cookbooks that go with the calendar!

This Carrot Zucchini Latkes with Pear Apple Sauce from Williams Sonoma’s book of Vegetables looks intriguing.

2. Now it’s time to get my wishlist on the calendar.  I picked a lot of recipes, so I decided I’d book in some evenings to Cook New Recipes. I put these on my printed calendar visually so I can see them.  While I do consider other events that I already know about, I don’t worry too much about where I put these for now.  I can always move them as I build in other layers.   Keep it fun!

A year of something sounds like a lot, but it’s really just a handful of dates 🙂 Easier than you think!

3. I add the details into my digital calenar. For each cooking night, I selected a recipe, like Mexican corn on the cob, and then listed a few more possibilities in the notes.  In this way, I balance planning with the spontaneity of what feels right that week.  When I get to that week, I can always decide I want to make more of those recipes during the week and update my calendar.

Here’s my Google Calendar entry. I use both paper and digital depending on what I need. I’ll label all of my entries Make Recipe: so I can do a search on them if I need to.


Here’s the thing about booking the items you want to do right into the calendar, even if it’s an asparagus.

I don’t really NEED to know what vegetable I’m going to eat six months from now. 

However I also know that right now in my comfy kitchen with coffee taking a break, my mind is focused on my purpose for making this calendar.

NOW is actually the best time to pick out a vegetable for six months from now.  It is a GIFT from smart, comfy, happy Elissa in January to busy, frazzly, distracted June Elissa.  Hi honey, look what I dreamed up for you to enjoy!  June Elissa can either take that veggie idea or pick something else on the list that looks better.  Either way, I feel LOVED.  Do you feel me?

It’s not about being a control freak, though it will certainly give you a great sense of power.  It’s about being THOUGHTFUL in a way that is simultaneously delightfully frivolous and ruthlessly efficient.  It’s an indulgence of your senses that you can feel great about as calendar-er in chief.

Who knew that an eggplant could be a love letter?


Note: I’m printing the first Calendaring Happiness Calendaring Kit.  See a demo and find out how to get yours HERE. Already have a planner or calendar you love and just want happiness goodies to go in it? Just use what you need.