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The planning system for life

Are you an optimist looking for ways to stay positive and boost your resilience?

GET THE SECRETS to having happiness you can count on.

A new way to get real health, hobbies, friends, romance and more into your calendar.

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The Calendaring Happiness Roadmap Free Download

What is Calendaring Happiness? So many planning notebooks promise a ‘picture perfect life’ full of social events, luxury and success.  The expectation set by those planner videos isn’t sustainable and leads to pressure to fake your happiness, making you feel like...

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Three ways to make money online that are legit

More and more, your job or businesses are online. Maybe one day it will be ONLY online. Online income definitely does not have to be shady. Here are a few legitimate ways to make money online that are not only legit, but valuable. #1. You have a regular real world...

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Explore making more money a new way this year!

If you want Money to be a happiness driver, and not an unhappiness driver, it's time to find new ways to make money that you enjoy. One thing I've loved learned over the years is how to introduce products and services to a bigger audience through online marketing.  As...

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